Patty is available for personal training, semi-private training, and small group sessions. She is passionate about helping clients instill activity and adventure into their lives. Each session will be completely customized to your fitness goals and workout preferences.  

You'll get a great workout in every session, with our fully equipped at-home gym, including dumbbells, medicine balls, bands, stability and Bosu balls, TRX and more.  




Private Training: Individual Sessions & Packages 1 Session- $80/hour  

This is a great option for those wanting to test out personal training. It’s also ideal for those that would like some guidance to build their own program. I recommend seeing a trainer once in a while even if you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast to check in on your form, any strength/flexibility imbalances, and to bring your training to the next level.  

10 Session Package- $70/hour, per session  

This is ideal for clients that would like a trainer to keep them accountable and to work with long-term.  

4-Week Program–  

2 days/week, $520 (only $65 per session!)  

3 days/week, $720 (only $60 per session!)  

This program is designed for those that want to commit to achieving their goals. The toughest part of starting a fitness routine is adherence. We will work together either two or three days a week for a month and will set specific and measurable goals to get you excited about working out and living actively. This program is for new clients only.  

30 Minute Session- $55 per session, $45 per session for 10 session package  

Don’t have time for a full hour? That’s okay! You rarely NEED an hour to get a great workout in, so if you are short on time this may be a great option for you.  

Semi-Private Training (2 People)  

1 session- $55/hour per person  

10 session package- $50/hour per person, per session  

Small Group Training (3+ People)  

Please inquire, rate will depend on the number of attendees