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Our goal is to help athletes reach performance goals without compromising health. We realize that no two athletes are alike. We all have different health and fitness goals, we live different lifestyles and we all come from different athletic backgrounds. 

We treat every one of our coaching athletes as individuals, recognizing your unique strengths, weaknesses and limitations. It is our goal to help you get the most out of your training so that training enriches your life. We never want you to feel as if training takes over your life but instead, it is part of your lifestyle.

We understand the physical demands of endurance racing and the training needed to properly prepare for an endurance event. No matter what level athlete you are, we want to be part of your training and racing journey.  

Let us help you perform at your best by giving you the personalized service that your body deserves. 


Cliff is a Certified Run Coach and part of the John Maxwell Life Coach Team, with exceptional skills in helping athletes with both the mental and physical aspects of training and racing. As a sprinter turned ultra runner, he has experience in many race distances. As a run coach and life coch, Cliff has the unique ability to help athletes learn how to run smarter physically and mentally. 

Patty is a Certified Personal Trainer, 3x Ironman finisher, and 7x marathoner. She is a certified USA Triathlon coach, as well as a Certified Sports Nutritionist. With a great understanding of the physiological and nutritional requirements of training for endurance sports, she enjoys working with triathletes and runners of all levels. She has coached fitness enthusiasts to become Ironman finishers and has helped many age-groupers reach personal best times and achieve life-long fitness goals. Patty also specializes in helping athletes to reduce body fat composition and increase lean muscle through strength training and improving dietary habits. 

We enjoy the developmental process of working with athletes. We provide great detail and attention to every workout which includes focus on strength training, daily and sport nutrition, pacing, intervals, mental toughness and recovery. Above all, we want our athletes to feel confident and prepared when it comes to racing.  



"From barely running 3 miles to running a half-ironman in 8 months... Patty's fitness expertise has transformed my life."

- Bryce (Dallas, TX) 

"I have always been comfortable in going off a training plan and just running miles. Cliff dug deep and wouldn't let go... To see how far I have come in 4 months is mind blowing." 

- Anthony (Tulsa, OK) 

Thank you for considering Fit 2 Endure Coaching to help you reach your short and long term training goals.  

We encourage you to reach out and ask questions HERE to make sure we are good fit for your coaching needs.  


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